19 10 / 2014

Author:  missbeizy

Summary:  Vampire!Blaine/human!Kurt. Early!Klaine. Rachel convinces Kurt to join the Vampire Hunting Club their senior year because it’s the only one they haven’t joined. Blaine transfers to McKinley and decides to join the club in order to try and hide in plain sight.

Rating:   Explicit

Chapters:  1                              Word Count:  12K+

Read on:   AO3

18 10 / 2014

Author:  twobirdsonesong

Summary:  Kurt Hummel has just moved from Ohio to Los Angeles and he has no idea what he’s doing there. He begins an internship at a talent agency where he meets Blaine Anderson, an assistant who has more to his name than Kurt knows.

Rating:   Mature

Chapters:  7                              Word Count:  28K+

Read on:   AO3

17 10 / 2014

Author:  cosmiccastawayuk

Summary:   Blaine Anderson has always felt sidelined his whole life. Now, at Dalton Academy for Boys he feels completely invisible. That is, till one day he meets a new transfer student, Kurt Hummel. He seems, not only to see Blaine, but actually interested in him on a personal level. Can this boy be Blaine’s dream come true? Can he make Blaine visible at last?

Rating:   M

Chapters:  40                            Word Count:  100K+

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16 10 / 2014

Author:  Hadelli

Summary:   When Kurt and Blaine’s marriage ends, it should be the end of everything.  Instead, this is the story of how Kurt and Blaine finally start finding their happy ending.  Because sometimes it takes more than love and luck for your life to work out the way you’d planned.

Rating:   Teen and up

Chapters:  15                            Word Count:  29K+

Read on:   AO3

15 10 / 2014

Author:  itallstartedwithharry

Summary:  It all started with Scandals…   The story of how Klaine became Sebklaine (and how Burt found out!)

Series:  And One Makes Three

Pairings:  Sebklaine

Rating:   Teen And Up

Chapters:  2                              Word Count:  5K+

Read on:   AO3

14 10 / 2014

Author:  BlaineyDevon

Summary:  Another fluffy Headway drabble. Kurt has the day off from work so he spends the day with Blaine.

Series:  Headway

Rating:   Teen And Up

Chapters:  1                              Word Count:  1K+

Read on:   AO3 

Reviewer’s Notes:  Another fic in what has rapidly become one of my new favorite series.  You’re reading this series, right? 

13 10 / 2014

Author:  Anonymous

Edited Prompt:   S3 AU. Burt and Blaine really don’t want Kurt to go to New York. They want the best for him, and they agree that the best will be staying in Ohio and taking over the family business, maintaining arts in his life as a hobby. They need him to stay and there is one sure fire way to ensure that happens.  Kurt would never move away if Blaine got pregnant.  So Burt and Blaine conspire to make that happen.   They are successful, and Kurt is never the wiser.

Rating:   M

Chapters:  23                            Word Count:  16K+

Read on:   GKM

12 10 / 2014

Author:  BlaineyDevon

Summary:   Blaine is deeply saddened by a loss of a little boy he tried to help, so Kurt soothes him. Older!Klaine. Headway Verse.

Series:  Headway

Rating:   General Audiences

Chapters:  1                              Word Count:  >1K

Read on:   AO3

Reviewer’s Notes:  You’re reading this series, right?  

11 10 / 2014

Author:  Twitchy Squirrel

Summary:   Kurt is less than thrilled when he wins a trip to a dude ranch in Idaho.  However, when he meets a brooding cowboy with whiskey-colored eyes, things start to look up. 

Series:  Let Me Take You Higher

Rating:   M

Chapters:  15                            Word Count:  26K+

Read on:   S&C

10 10 / 2014

Author:  downtowndystopia

Summary:   Kurt never met Blaine in high school, he’s never been kissed, never had sex, and he is now a student at NYADA as how it happened in Canon. Blaine is enamoured with Kurt but is hiding a secret; he was a high-end male escort for two years before meeting Kurt.

Rating:   General Audiences

Chapters:  1                              Word Count:  3K+

Read on:   AO3